2017 Holi Hai Event Schedule

Date : 19 March 2017, Sunday

Dress Code : Wear White

8:45 AM- Gather at Haeundae, Beach in the Festival area. This is in the center of the beach, just opposite to Haeundae Glory Condo Hotel, see attached location map.

9:00 AM- Issue Holi Colors, Holi Caps, Snacks (Samosa) to paid registered participants. Please visit to the assigned coupon distribution desk according to your ticket number as per following;

(Please Note, above Holi Playing Kit will be issued only 9.00 AM to 11.30 AM, If you came come late then organizing committee will not be responsible)

11:40 AM- Introduction

12:00 PM Start Holi Celebrations with Dry colors & Loud Bollywood Music. First countdown will takes place at 12 PM when people can release and throw their powder.

12:30 PM- Face Painting colors are provided (free of charge)

13:00 PM- 2nd Color throwing countdown

13:30 PM- Indian Bollywood Dance celebrations

14:00 PM- Final Color throwing countdown

14.15 PM- Indian Bollywood Dance celebrations

14.45 PM- Cleaning, (your cooperation to keep the beach clean will be highly appreciated)

15.00 PM- End

(In case of rain, color throwing schedule may be little bit flexible according to situation)

If you have any trouble getting to the spot please call one of the following numbers-

Muskan 010 7931 7090
Naveen 010 9349 1910

As per the orders from the Haeundae-gu office, these instructions need to be strictly followed:
1) Do not forcefully involve or throw colors on the passerby.
2) Do not misbehave with any onlookers or festival participants.
3) Do not show misappropriate gestures.
4) Do not smoke & drink alcohol at festival area and enjoy the festival in decent manner.