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Geojedo Island is Korea's second largest island with breathtaking scenery. At Jangpyeong-ri, simply pass the great bridge and you will be led directly to Geojedo Island, which boasts the bulk of the South Sea's tourist attractions. Haegeumgang, Mongdol Beach and Oedo Island Paradise Island are the most popular sites among them.

Haegeumgang, an island made of rocks, belongs to Hallyeo Marina National Park and is also called the Geumgang of the South Sea. It is famous for both its sunsets and sunrises, and its unique rock formations. Also, Hakdong Mongdol Beach, made of pebbles called Mongdol, has camellias and fairy pits in spring, and comes alive as a beach resort in summer. Oedo Paradise Island, which recently became a popular site, is called the ‘Paradise of Korea’ because of the 3,000 kinds of decorated trees and the Mediterranean style buildings that stand upon this 264 square km land. This island is a poplar site for filming soap dramas due to the combination of the exotic atmosphere and sea.

Geojedo Island is historically a significant place. Memorial services are held annually in memory of General Lee Sun-Shin at the Okpo daecheop (war) Memorial Park, built in memory of the battle of Okpo(1592.5.7 - 5.8). Geojedo Island also had the biggest prisoner-of-war camp during the Korean War, and the camp has been restored as a historical relics site.

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Geoje Sea World

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GSW, the One and Only beluga & dolphin encounter theme park, is second to none in Korea. It is expressly designed for cultivating interactive and mutual relationships between human-being and marine mammals through experience, education, leisure, and healing. GSW, the dolphin captive facility is well established in accordance with EAAM Standards and Guidelines for the Management of Bottlenose Dolphins. Our dolphin welfare system with utmost respect and dignity provides state-of-the art care based on scientific knowledge and best professional practices.


GSW is equipped with six numbers of large and spacious pools for exhibition and six inspection tanks. We focus our attention to water quality and environmental conditions to ensure the dolphins’ health and comfort. Approximately 400 seats are offered to spectators for their convenience.


In an effort to provide you with unique and enjoyable experiences and programs like touching, handshaking, feeding and swimming with the dolphins, there are a variety of interactive programs available for all ages and ability levels.


GSW ensures 100% satisfaction with the animal encounters programs…we aim to make you smile!

Tour Operators

Many reputed tour operators are offering exciting tour packages for Geoje & Holi Hai festival which includes;
- Charted Bus
- Accommodation
- Food
- Site Seeing & much more..

Waegook Travel

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Enjoy Korea

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Seoul Hiking Group

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Hippie Korea

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